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About us

Clients often approach us because of the fact that they are frustrated and disappointed with the process of language learning. They are at a point where they might even feel rejection towards the use of a certain language, as a feeling of uneasiness is generated when walking into a meeting or picking up the phone.

The reason lies not only in the mere fact of using a foreign language, but also in the lack of necessary soft skills for effective communication, such as body language or cultural knowledge. In order to overcome this predicament our programs link language training and personal and interpersonal skills, obtaining a substantial and measurable improvement that is immediate, yet lasting.

Training is a highly complex process, hence a variety of key indicators have to be considered (the client’s employment situation andenvironment, their individual needs and available resources) in order to create a pleasant, positive and trustworthy environment in which participants fully benefit from our programs and reach their learning goal.

Our team, composed of multidisciplinary specialists (business, psychology, coaching, etc.), will provide you with the necessary tools to achieve your learning goals.

At EXAP, we have decided to join the defense of the values of equality, respect and solidarity among peoples by means of a collaborative commitment to support the global work of the NGO Movement for Peace (MPDL). We consider of vital importance to actively contribute to the social improvement. Conducting an ethical and responsible management with social values is an essential basis of competitiveness and corporate citizenship.

About us

With 50% German shareholding, Exap decides to become a partner of the German Chamber of Commerce for Spain in September 2014; a platform specialized in bilateral trade relations between Spain and Germany.

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