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As the business environment becomes more complex, receiving the best possible language council is vitally important for organizations, teams, and individuals.
Our methodology focuses on advanced communication skills by bridging the gap between theory and practice in a cross disciplinary environment. Our language coaching programs are highly tailored and combine psychological expertise, language training and business insight to boost your performance and competitiveness.

What we do

Our holistic language coaching approach includes building targeted capabilities and then guiding students to translate what they have learned into their daily work processes to get involved in business activities more effectively.
The right methodology and preparation is key to designing a successful program that leads our students to reaching their learning goals.

Our methodology is based on four aspects:

The Exap learning experience is based on a five-step process:

Five-step process
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Language coaching programs for executives and professionals

Exap offers a wide range of language coaching programs that integrate language needs and practical, relevant business insight.

Corporate language consulting services

As companies enter global markets competition grows fiercer. Especially small and medium-sized companies struggle to keep up with the pace as they possess the technical skills, but usually lack the necessary advanced language knowledge. Training employees is an option that takes time, however the business needs to move forward now.

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About us

Training is always a very complex process, we have to take into account the client’s employment situation, his individual needs and available resources in order to create a pleasant, positive and trustworthy environment in which it is possible for him to adapt to our programs and reach his goal.
Our team is only made up of multidisciplinary specialists (in business, psychology, coaching…) who work for and always support you to achieve your goals.

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EXTRA is our VIP line for exclusive clients. We will take care of all arrangements needed to free your learning experience of any concern:

Multi-location programs Multi-format programs Taxi Services Catering Nanny Services Urgent translations Family Programs
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Language coaching for executives and professionals

Proper management of communication and languages ​​in the business environment is essential for meeting the objectives not being competitive enough to have technical resources.From EXAP we can help turn your weaknesses into strengths in everything related to communication in different languages ​​, through our teaching programs and development of highly personalized language -oriented executives, professionals and corporations.