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Success stories

“Among the KPIs we have in our department, one of them consists of measuring the quality of the communication we have with the technical support department in England. This measurement is carried out with a rating on a scale ranging from 1 (worst score) to 5 (best score), considering good communication when the scores are higher than or equal to 4. Furthermore, among the assessed aspects of the communication, the content of the information and the quality of the text (language, structure, description…) are taken into account, playing the English language a very important role.
In May 2014, from the cases sent to the UK, only 8.70% were rated above 4. In August 2015, the percentage increased to 88%, largely due to the English classes with EXAP.
When a new model is launched, we start a think tank program called Nerve Center, consisting of daily participation in conference calls with the heads of engineering and with counterparts of our department from all countries. The development of the classes has contributed to having a better understanding and a greater confidence in the participation to the previously mentioned conference.” 

Enrique Méndez González
Technical Support Manager
Jaguar Landrover Spain and Portugal

“Once I met Anne, I stopped looking for anyone else for my English lessons. She adapted our sessions to my very specific needs, e.g. helping me with meetings and presentations. The program not only focuses on language, but also includes training on soft skills.

Furthermore, it takes place at my workplace. Not having to commute makes it much easier for me to attend our classes.
I am really happy with Anne, she creates a very nice and friendly atmosphere where learning and advancing is easier and more comfortable. She’s an outstanding person who really cares about her students, but overall she enjoys what she does, and that’s what makes the difference.”
Marta Muñoz Cruz
Financial analysis balances P&C and L&S
AXA Insurance Spain

“After a few sessions I can confidently deal with public presentations and participate in business conferences in another language. In a professional and methodical way I can now prepare these activities.”
Pedro Montouto

Success stories
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