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What we do

As the business environment becomes more complex, receiving the best possible language council is vitally important for organizations, teams, and individuals.
Our methodology focuses on advanced communication skills by bridging the gap between theory and practice in a cross disciplinary environment.
Our language coaching programs are highly tailored and combine psychological expertise, language training and business insight to boost your performance and competitiveness.
Our holistic language coaching approach includes building targeted capabilities and then guiding students to translate what they have learned into their daily work processes to get involved in business activities more effectively.
The right methodology and preparation is key to designing a successful program that leads our students to reaching their learning goals.

The Exap learning experience is based on a five-step process:

The Exaplearning experience is based on a five-step process

We take great care in analyzing in detail the company, industry and stakeholders to ensure an effective content that addresses our clients` real needs and reflects our clients` real business environment.

The student assessment, based on a 360º review, reveals language strengths and weaknesses as well as personal and environmental threats and opportunities for language capability building.

A compilation of the former mentioned information will flow into a program design that specifies a unique starting point for development and sets feasible expectations and goals by focusing on explicit language skills to enhance. Program contents embed language needs into our clients´ world of work, taking into account unique tasks and responsibilities.

We help students translate their learning into daily business practices for lasting performance improvement. Business language building works best in settings that resemble the actual work environment as closely as possible. These surroundings allow for realistic role playing that addresses real language problems in the workplace.
By stretching the learning sessions out, overload is avoided and concepts can be gradually advanced in a real-world context.  Our language coaching sessions can range from one-on-one programs over small groups to departmental or peer training. Group sizes vary depending on content and objectives of the course.
Coaches will use a unique training approach that adapts to students` individual way of working and learning, always bearing in mind the overall company culture.

Done well, language coaching translates directly into performance improvements on the individual and organizational level.Measuring this progress is one of our main concerns and easilyimplemented as students use their newly acquired knowledge at work over time. Our analysis considers self-perception, feedback from peers and superiors as well as business figures. As course content is relevant to the student’s ongoing work environment and builds upon prior knowledge it is most likely to be retained and polished over time. Furthermore, integration of and transition into future programs that lean on previous progress is made easier and smoother.

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Our methodology is based on four aspects:

Language coaching method