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VIP Services

In Exap we meet personal and professional needs of each of our clients with our range of services thought up to ensure a productive learning experience in an environment of the highest comfort.
Our main concern is to provide for essential key elements that allow for an efficient language use within a professional context. To successfully reach this goal every little detail is of great importance to us.
Therefore we not only place at your disposal a wide variety of language coaching and consulting programs, but also complementary services tailored to overcome the challenge of balancing learning experience with work and family.
These exclusive services are aimed at minimizing the impact of external factors on the learning process and experience.

Multi-location programs

Programas en varias localizaciones

The venue in which the language coaching sessions are held might vary due to reconciliation of the program with a busy schedule that makes travelling necessary. Moreover, services such as simultaneous interpreting are often needed in events that take place out of town.
We accompany our clients to these locations, offering adequate settings wherever necessary.

Multi-format programs

Programas en varios formatos

Exap provides programs that specifically meet your needs and ensure a successful outcome split into a variety of formats if requested:
presence-based, telephone sessions, online, via videoconference, in real-work situations, etc.


Servicios de taxi

As our clients are on a tight schedule rushing from appointment to appointment we take care of organizing all travelling arrangements to and from the coaching sessions, helping thereby avoid unpleasant waiting periods.

Nanny services

Servicios de canguro

This service is designed for those clients who need to know their children in good care while participating in our program. Whether at your place, in our facilities or any other venue, qualified, responsible and loving staff will look after your young ones right next door. You will be set at ease and able to fully concentrate on the program.


Servicios de catering

As your availability is scarce we do our best tobetter adapt the program schedule to your needs, offering catering services for breakfast, lunch or dinner during the sessions to avoid interruptions and ensure the highest flexibility and convenience.

Urgent translations

Servicios de traducción urgentes

While urgent translations are frequently needed, it is often rather difficult to find an adequate provider at such short notice. Our service is not only available 24/7, quality to the highest standards and punctual delivery is guaranteed at all times.

Family Programs

Programas familiares

This program is designed for families who will either move abroad for work-related purposes or wish to share the learning experience of our programs. We offer:

  1. Programs for all family members that immigrate/ emigrate, allowing for a pleasant transition period and an easier adaptation to the new environment.
  2. Programs for the whole family created to get all members involved and ensure everyone takes advantage of the sessions.
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